Online Holistic Veterinary Coaching

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  Do you want to take advantage of Holistic & Natural therapies to help your animal on a path to Wellness? A state of health that may even be better than it was before becoming ill?   These holistic veterinary coaching sessions are designed to teach you the steps to take to assist your pet in having as healthy a life as possible using natural approaches.  These sessions include:

What would be a healthy diet for your animal? This is a supremely important question for any pet to move to wellness! We will educate you on the options, and options you can choose: Dry Food? Wet food? Homemade? Raw Diets?

What herbal and natural supplements help with certain conditions, such as kidney, skin, allergic , heart, brain, liver disorders, and so on.

What natural vitamin supplements are important for nutrition?

What does the latest research show are the healthiest ways to use, or not use, vaccinations.? How might an animal’s health condition/illness condition be related to vaccination, and whether or not to vaccinate when an   animal has an illness.

What Our Clients Say

Donna & Darryl Clark
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“You don’t realize your pet is feeling so bad, until he isn’t. After an accident, Dr. Metcalf helped by cat feel so much better. Dr. Metcalf really knows his stuff!”
Kimberly & Derik
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"Nothing short of kind, caring, gentle, helpful and effective! I am so grateful Sunshine Holistic has come to Sedona!"
Judith Fogarty
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Caring, compassionate awesome holistic vet. Love and respect Dr Metcalf.
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