About Holistic Veterinarian,
Dr. Todd Metcalf DVM

My educational background and what led me to become a holistic veterinarian.

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My Veterinary Journey

I attended veterinary school at the University of California at Davis, graduated in 1980, and practiced conventional veterinary medicine and surgery for nearly 20 years.

I developed an interest in natural health care because of my own natural care following an illness I acquired while in the Peace Corps.

My illness was not responding to conventional medical treatment, yet it resolved after attending a holistic treatment program in Phoenix, Arizona in 1985. From there, my interest in natural therapies—of a wide variety—multiplied.

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I was Inspired By Veterinary Acupuncture!

I had the good fortune of meeting a human acupuncturist that brought me his dog for a routine checkup. He began explaining to me some of the principles of this art and science, and showed me how he had treated his own animals with good results.

I began veterinary acupuncture training and began seeing amazing and unexpected responses in my patients, including some that had unexplained conditions, or conditions for which we had no good treatment options.

These experiences led me to seek further training in veterinary acupuncture, osteopathic manipulation, and herbs. I am always learning and growing in the role of a holistic veterinarian, and as a person to offer the best holistic veterinary treatment and advice to nourish your animal companion.

I’m currently available to treat animals in San Luis Obispo, California for in-person visits. You may also get an over-the-phone 10-minute consult and determine if you’d want to move forward with a natural treatment for your pet!

What Our Clients Say

Rachel Farabaugh
Rachel Farabaugh
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Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value

Dr. Metcalf is one of the best vets I've ever had the pleasure of working with. He was able to see my 15 year old cat the next day when a serious health issue happened. He helped me formulate a holistic approach to healing her, and during the visit he gave her acupuncture, laser treatment and a spinal adjustment. His gentle approach calmed her and she was visibly more relaxed with each adjustment. I will continue to recommend him to anyone in need of a professional and intuitive vet who truly understands the needs of each animal!

Linda Watkins
Linda Watkins
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Dr. Metcalf has been seeing my dog, Splatter (14.5 yr old Eng. Setter X), for about a month now because of severe arthritis in his spine, hips, and knees, and for nerve damage in his right rear knee and leg. Dr. Metcalf has performed electro-acupuncture and chiropractic manipulations on my dog and has also started him on a regimen of Chinese herbal therapy. Since this started, Splatter's ambulation has significantly improved and his pain has been greatly eased. Dr. Metcalf is not only a highly trained practitioner but is also a very compassionate and caring individual. I highly recommend his practice to any whose pets are suffering from illnesses that cannot be helped by conventional medicine.
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